@help How do I get to show up as a Share Menu extension on my Mac? All of my bookmarks are in Pinboard, and I use the Pins app on my Mac to organize them. I want to share a bookmark from Pins to, and so I looked for a Share extension but can't find it.

@ptrck Yes, and there have been so many great surprises in our new garden! The fig tree is my new fixation.

@idg Glad you enjoyed it! I'll likely post more as I discover our new garden. I love watching the bees.

@patrickrhone I'm deeply smitten with this idea. The December before we left San Francisco, I made a "scentorium" for FunkyPlaid with tiny glass bottles, each containing a scent for a favorite neighborhood. During the moving process we found it and some of the bottles still have an aroma, nearly 11 years later.

@alanralph They're truly awesome. I can't wait to harvest ours and make some jam! Any preserving tips for a newbie?

@pimoore @jean Due's usefulness for me is in two main areas. First, reusable timers, which I use for cooking and for steeping tea. Also, the Auto Snooze feature alerts me every minute until I complete it -- no more burnt food or bitter tea! (This works for reminders too.) Second, reminders support complex repeat patterns, helpful for when you want something to repeat six months after you complete it, not just every six months.

@KimberlyHirsh It's remarkable to me how unknowable stores are these days. One of those things that makes me feel like An Old.

@odd Do you find it as frustrating as I do? Or maybe you've gotten good at figuring out where things are!

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