@vishae Yes, mine is Crazy Horse leather. It’s more waxy than suede although it gains character quickly with lots of little variations, which I prefer to the suede finish.

@vishae So excited! I ordered an A5 Hobonichi Techo 2021 Day-Free because I prefer the monthly layouts, the page numbers, and the smaller number of pages for a better fit in my Galen Leather A5 cover.

@alans I'm glad (and also sorry) that you can relate. Take care.

@vishae Details! I need details! 😱 A5 notebook and day-free Techo?

@Ron I'm wishing a speedy recovery to your wife! Lots of love to the both of you.

@kimberlyhirsh Thank you again for introducing me to such a brilliant deck. I don't have much experience with oracle decks, but I enjoy shuffling a bit, pulling a card, and thinking about what it means to me in that moment.

@jw How are you doing over there? 💙 I've actually got a window cracked today ... amazing to feel fresh air again.

@grayareas We're down to Moderate AQI today! Hooray!

@bix You're right! I see it now. It's definitely less pink-orange over here too.

@help Thank you!

@jack @help Not just you. I can't connect via Firefox, the iOS client, or Sunlit. I was able to load the site in Safari.

@ronguest What a brilliant milestone! Congratulations. I'm about to hit 200 straight days and I'm so excited.

@Burk Says the same over here. Um, not possible. It smells like I'm living inside a campfire.

@manton So excited!

@macgenie Good Sudoku? I'm hooked!

@khurtwilliams So cute it makes my teeth hurt!

@mangochutney So very pleased. Right on his paper!

@macgenie FunkyPlaid calls Criminy’s tail “Gandalf’s staff”. 😊

@ronguest Good luck to your family!

@jeannie I’m so sorry that you and your family went through all of this. How terrifying and so very sad. I’m glad that you’ve returned to!

@mandaris I enjoyed this brief glimpse into your life. Thanks for sharing it!

@mandaris It's so happy there. More backyard pictures, please! Have you heard of Garden Marcus? His videos about his garden make me smile.

@canion 🤯 I'm so trying this (with gluten-free tamari)!

@mandaris Pretty! What kind of plant? Whatever it is, it's happy! 🌱

@joshuapsteele Right here! 👋 I use it for everything.

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