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Happy New Year’s Eve! And here is a reminder, said with tenderness: You don’t have to prove your worth to the world by setting resolutions to be “better” or “more” or “less” or “different”. Be here as yourself.

Robert Oster Tranquility, a beautiful teal with pink sheen. 🖋 I’m reacquainting myself with my Lamy 2000; after going to the stub side, I like my handwriting less in smaller nibs. But the 2000 is a delight.

I’m a little obsessed with Troublemaker Inks’ Petrichor. 🖋 It goes on pale blue-green and dries to lilac with incredible shading. On the right paper, it is iridescent. So challenging to photograph!

La Florentine Torrone tastes just the same as it did when I was a kid. We would savor the delicious soft almond nougat candy, saving the little empty boxes to play “football” with across the table.

Tonight we ventured out in the cold and snow for ZooLights! Outdoors, not crowded, with masks required. Beautiful, fun displays. I couldn’t resist the bokeh.

It has been a strange day. I’m going to bed early. But first, because I forgot to post it when I got it, here’s a pic of my new t-shirt.

Diamine Inkvent, Day 25: All the Best. 🖋 All the Best is, unsurprisingly, one of the best. A rich wine-red, light blue shimmer, and a unique golden-green sheen. What a wonderful time I’ve had, sharing this experience with you. 🥰 Thank you!

Diamine Inkvent, Day 24: Yuletide. 🖋 Pretty teal with red sheen.

I’m boiling the chestnuts this year instead of roasting them. Once cooled (not too much) and peeled, they’ll go into our stuffing. Stuffing is my absolute favorite holiday dish!

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