be careful what you whine for

“Be careful what you whine for” is my lesson today.

I was whining to FunkyPlaid this morning about how although I had a day off, I wanted a day off without responsibilities.

I pictured a day off during which I lounged in my new slippers with my new lap-desk on my lap, writing with my new purple limited edition Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pen.  Instead, I knew I would have to wash the dishes, organize my closet, and clean the explosion of holiday cheer that is my office, among other things.

And then quite suddenly, due to some useless person’s utter stupidity online which isn’t even worth getting into, I had to hang out and wait in front of FunkyPlaid’s computer … sitting in a big comfy chair whilst lounging in my new slippers, writing on my new lap-desk with my new pen.

See what happened there?

I get it. I’ll stop whining. Really.

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