Day 300 of Project 365: Iron and lace.

I wanted to commemorate the 300-day mark of this project with a special photo. It’s been wonderful having FunkyPlaid back home this week, and I am dreading having to say goodbye again so soon. My heart was especially heavy today until I read this piece about Patton Oswalt losing his wife. Then I felt like a big jerk for sighing over a separation of several weeks.

My mom gave us this beautiful bit of ironwork from Oakbeck Forge for our sixth anniversary. Behind it is the purse she handmade to match my wedding gown.

2016-10-26 21.12.03.jpg

Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: FunkyPlaid puttering around in the kitchen.

Day 114 of Project 365: Extraordinary adventures.

2016-04-25 23.20.08.jpg

We are in the midst of unpacking All the Things, which sometimes results in delightful finds like this one: the catalog cards that FunkyPlaid and I made for our wedding. Here are some leftover blank ones which I get to use for scratch paper … or for foiling real card catalogs I discover in the wild!

Writing from: my real actual for-true study! Listening to: “Come As You Are” by Yuna.

Day 49 of Project 365: wedding purse

Post-shower dresser scrambling prompted the rediscovery of this amazing creation, my wedding purse.

49.365: wedding purse

My mom made this by hand, which still stuns me. I was fortunate to inherit a little of her capability in this realm, but nothing to this degree.

While visiting Gargunnock House with friends over Christmas, I got into a little chat with some fellow crafters, and in it I described one of the earliest Mom-projects I can remember. She sewed these adorable Christmas ornaments that were puffy stars and bells and trees with little sculpted faces in the middle of them. My description doesn't do it justice, and I don't have any of our ornaments here so I can't take a photo.

It made me happy and proud and also intensely nostalgic for home at Christmas all at once.

Christmas was difficult on a few levels, some of them obvious -- our first away from the people and places with whom we have grown accustomed to spending the holiday -- and some of them not. One of the less obvious difficulties that I am still trying to address is feeling like I am a terrible conversationalist. I mentioned the chat earlier as if it was some effortless thing, and it definitely became easier as it went along, but to start I second-guessed everything I said. Everything. And there were cultural references I simply do not have yet, which required explanations. I am so used to being the explainer and not the explainee.

I swallow my pride and elbow my stubbornness in the ribs on a daily basis.

It will get easier, and to make it easier I have to forgive myself a little awkwardness while being less comfortable in my new home. Someday I will be nostalgic for this, too, I remind myself. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of memory: it forgives, if you let it.

Where the year went.

One whole year of marriage already? How can this be possible? You’d think we had spent the last twelve months planning a transcontinental move or something.

Post-move, time seems to be slowing down a bit, which I appreciate because I want to savor each moment with my husband. (Will referring to FunkyPlaid as “my husband” ever get less thrilling to type?)

[caption id=“attachment_7283” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption=“Darren and Halsted, 16 October 2010”]Darren and Halsted, 16 October 2010[/caption]

I had this great idea to finally post our wedding photos as a first anniversary gift. Due to some technical issues and my own rampant obsessiveness, this gift took a little longer to deliver than I would have hoped, but it is now finished. Please click the image above to enjoy our gallery of photos taken by Weddings with Presence.

a photo a day, day 15

For the photo a day meme: a photo of you and someone you love.

The wedding, as it happens, provided excellent fodder for this meme. Seth snapped this while FunkyPlaid and I danced to our song. I had imagined this moment so many times that it was hard to believe it was happening.

first dance

a photo a day, day 13

For the photo a day meme: a photo of your best friend(s).

I wanted to wait until I had a photo of FunkyPlaid with my Attendants of Awesome from the wedding, but this will have to do. Courtney took this of my five Attendants of Awesome – Lara, Hawk, Ryan, Courtney, and Jason – plus me and my mom! We had just gotten our nails done for the wedding.

Toesies done!

We all had brunch at Samovar first, and then went to B Restaurant for cocktails before heading to Zaza Nail Spa. It was a perfect day.

Not pictured: my stepmom and my mother-in-law, but they always deserve a mention.

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