Knitting lowers my blood pressure. 🧶 The repetitive motions are soothing, plus I can’t doomscroll with needles in each hand!

Knitting in progress, a thin scarf in garter stitch with variegated yarn in warm colors

Getting back into knitting with a little something for brighter days. 🧶

knitting project in progress, an orange rib knit scarf

Uh-oh. What have I done? 🎮 #ACNH

screenshot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Last night’s dinner! I tried three new recipes: turkey crown in the Instant Pot, Brussels sprouts with bacon, and sweet potato casserole.

Criminy loves romping in tissue paper, so he’s a fan of this holiday. I’m a fan of his pink bottom lip!

photo of a tabby kitten amidst red, white, and green tissue paper

Virtual tea party with a dear friend! 🫖 Tasty gluten-free treats from Lovejoy’s Tea Room.

Plate of tea sandwiches and salad, with a smaller plate with a biscuit and scone in the background

I feel an analog planning post coming on … 🤓

a rose-gold Passion Planner on top of a forest green Passion Planner

Criminy cutie-pie.

Tabby kitten looking coy.

Ambiance for remote work.

Lit candle labeled Christmas at the Burrow

Winter rainbow. ❄️🌈

A photo of a grassy field, trees, sky, and a small rainbow.

Criminy hopes you are finding a bit of calm today.

Criminy the tabby kitten looks at the camera. #ADayInTheLife photo challenge! I enjoy because without the use of “likes” I push myself to interact more.

📷 my analog workspace 📍 Portland, OR, USA 🕚 19:20 PDT

photo of a leather notebook cover, a Passion Planner, and four fountain pens

One year ago today. 💔 I still miss you so much, Zenny.

Cygnoir holding her beloved tortoiseshell cat, Zen, who died one year ago today.

“In periods of recovery or extreme vulnerability, one may temporarily disappear as a means of self-protection.” Amethyst from I forget where. The skies clearing, then we hear news of RBG.

Card that reads Invisibility Mode and has a blank space.

Update from Portland: AQI still at Hazardous level. Haven’t been outside in a week. About to start another remote workday. Hoping for better air soon.

Screenshot of weather app showing Hazardous AQI

House smells like a campfire. (But no one made us s’mores; I checked.) Throats are scratchy. Kittens are unbothered.

Screenshot of weather app showing AQI of 332 (hazardous).

Failed to focus. S’okay; blurry is how I feel today.

Blurry photo of a dry brown field surrounded by trees and a yellow sky.

After mere moments outside trying to capture the wildfire skies I was left with a feeling that has not subsided. Not really emotions, more a state of the body: ready for flight while shocked into stasis.

Pale orange sky due to Oregon wildfires

“This is not a dream, but you still need to wake up.” Labradorite heart from The Raven’s Wing Magical Co. Portland.

This Is Not a Dream card with a labradorite heart.

Check to Self: a card from the Postcards from the Liminal Space deck. Pictured with a raw opal, a treasure from a friend.

A card from the Postcards from the Liminal Space deck.

New lounging spot for the Bottlebrush Brothers.

Tabby kittens in a window.

Seen on our walk today.

Lawn sign that reads OMG Make It Stop 2020

Good morning, Criminy!

The Bottlebrush Brothers.

photo of tabby kittens back-to-back

A katydid, perhaps? Any entomologists around? (I would use iNaturalist for this, but after being told I wasn’t using it correctly I’m hesitant to go back.)

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