grateful for family

This is another one of those topics that, as a younger person, I would have called a “no duh”.  Of course I am grateful for my family! Through luck I am related to a whole bunch of terrific people, especially my parents. (Neither one likes being in photographs, or I would post them here.)  I owe much of who I am to my parents; without their influence, support, and genetics, I (or at least the “I” I know of as myself) would not exist.

My parents are very different people, but they have some key similiarities.  Both are extremely intelligent, charming, and interesting. Both are college professors. Both are good advisors and listeners.  And, despite friction between us at times, both have committed to having mature relationships with me. I simply would not want anyone else as my mom and dad.

Fortunately, I am an only child, so I never have to share them!

(This entry is part of one month of gratitude.)

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