Analog or digital planning for 2019?

In a few weeks, I will need to stop dithering and make a decision: will I use an analog or digital planner for 2019?

When I started my current job at the library, I had a Bullet Journal system in place, which satisfied my two primary drives: recording notes and ideas by hand, because I learn and retain them better that way, and using my fabulous fountain pens and ink, because they’re so much fun.

Within a few weeks, my to-do list inflated at an alarming rate, and to keep up I switched to Todoist to track my tasks, especially relying on reminders to nudge me to do stuff on particular days at particular times. So handy!

While I think Todoist is a great app, I’ve been yearning to go back to simpler methods for months now, even as I assume more responsibilities at work. When Ryder Carroll’s book “The Bullet Journal Method” came out, I convinced myself I could do this again. Back to basics! Get rid of the bells and whistles of an app and hand-write my way to happiness.

Then one night I woke up in a cold sweat from a nightmare in which I have forgotten some important due-date because my phone didn’t yell at me anymore.

How are you planning your next year, with notebooks and pens or with apps? Help me decide in the comments.

NaNoWriMo 2015

It’s almost here! National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, begins on Sunday. I will endeavour to write 50,000 words in the month of November. This undertaking is about quantity, not quality, so I cannot vouch for the words themselves, only the ridiculous number of them. This word count meter will update throughout the month so check back if you want to see how I’m faring.

But I’m a planner at heart, and so I’m using a fantastic tool called WorkFlowy to keep the chaos at bay. Frank Degenaar of Productivity Mashup has just published a thorough and engaging book called “Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy”. In this interview for the WorkFlowy blog, Frank and I chatted about how I use WorkFlowy to create detailed outlines for my fiction. I also shared the WorkFlowy outlining template I created for use in NaNoWriMo and beyond.

If you do not want to participate in NaNoWriMo but would still like to support the 501©(3) nonprofit that makes it all possible, you can donate via my fundraising page.

Wish me luck!

One more week.

The winter semester starts next Monday, as does my new job, so I have one more week to power through my to-do list before the big items hit. These items are very exciting, I assure you, the kind of exciting that I have been putting off for months. Yet I persist. I am also trying some new recipes so that I will have more momentum to cook dinner regularly. Tonight I made another salmon dish, although I still have yet to find that perfect salmon cooking temperature and time. I made balsamic maple glaze from this recipe, and I liked the taste a lot. Paired with my favorite roasted potatoes with sage brown-butter sauce recipe, it was a nice, cozy meal.

Today I thought I might run some errands or clean my closet, but instead I did some file and finance reorganization. I am working on scanning the documents I only need soft-copies of, then shredding the originals, but I need a nice big external backup drive first. Any recommendations?

I thought Holidailies was over, but it continues for another couple of days. I did not do so well at the end of December, and have only the World of Warcraft to blame. The good news is that I have almost won the World of Warcraft, so we can all go back to our other hobbies soon. Maybe mid-March.

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