Day 311 of Project 365: Unnamed.

I had a fantastic day with friends and somehow neglected to take any photos of anything. Wow, am I bad at this project!

FunkyPlaid showed me this book and I’m geeking out over it. And maybe looking for inspiration so I can name my car.

2016-11-06 22.07.11-2.jpg

Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: “Intro” by Library Tapes.

The Coffee Identity

I have a coffee identity. It is the name I give at cafés that ask for my name with my order, because giving my real name led to conversations like:

“Your name?” “Halsted.” “Awesome?” “Halsted.” “Houston?” “HALSTED.” “Halston!” “Yes, sure, that.”

Several years ago, I gave up and started saying “Kelly” instead.

Today, on my mid-morning break, I went to Sbux for a soy green tea latte. I gave my coffee name, as usual. The barista repeated it. Or so I thought. I wasn’t paying close attention through the fog of my LOST-hangover.

When my drink was up, I glanced at the cup. In black marker, it said “Ally”.

I made up a new rule on the spot: whatever my barista calls me is my new coffee identity until another barista changes it. I was Kelly; now I am Ally. Who will I be next?

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