2014 in first lines.

Can it be? 2015 is just an hour away! Here is my year in first lines.

January Hello, beautiful human, and welcome to 2014.

February ¡Estamos en Barcelona!

March About ten years ago, I became a zombie.

April Writers’ Bloc returns to the Edinburgh International Science Festival for The Culture Collider, an exploration of weird science and stranger arts.

May For the month of May, I’m back to meals for one.

June I didn’t post in June, so here’s something from 9 years ago that I just found at random … “Halsted, someone is collapsed in the women’s restroom downstairs,” is a sentence I never wanted to hear my coworker say.

July My story “Paper Turtles” has been published in Innsmouth Magazine: 15.

August Thank you to everyone who attended my Story Shop reading today at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

September Be soft.

October I meant to post this on The Morning After but got waylaid by my workweek, and then everything seemed saturated with the rawness of reaction so I put it off.

November Stevenson Unbound is this afternoon!

December One of the best presents in the world is an autographed copy of a book.

Happily, half of these are writing- or performance-related. I really liked that about 2014. Another thing I liked was joining HabitRPG, because it made me focus on taking action instead of dithering. As a result, I took some solid risks this year that paid off well. I also reached out to family and friends more often, and pushed myself to be more social than I have ever been.

There were things I didn’t like about 2014, especially spending two months of it without FunkyPlaid. I also lost my running mojo this year, which is sad because I miss it so much. And the referendum … well, I’m trying not to bring it up because I know it is a sore spot, but it was a momentous and difficult time to be here with so many people I know experiencing the gamut of emotions about the run-up and result. And I inadvertently had feelings about it too, even though I tried not to have them, even though I felt I did not deserve to have them.

Some people I know are saying good riddance to 2014, but I’m pouring 2014 a dram and smiling wryly at it as we toast. It deserves that much, at least.

Happy New Year.

A year in first lines.

This meme again? Well, sure. I’ve hit that middle portion of Holidailies where I have ideas but no energy to execute them. So here’s my 2013 in my first lines, minus book reviews and link reblogs.

January My second 5K race is tomorrow.

February The noise of traffic just outside our window was so much louder than usual, a steady, slick pulse over the rasp of the rain.

March Week two of the flu has been in turns frustrating and depressing.

April The second phase of adjustment to expat life has been harder.

May Normally I try to keep the rants to a minimum here, although arguably this is the one place on the Internet I can guiltlessly rant until my fingers run out of steam.

June Hello. I am still here. June is the kind of busy that makes my eyebrows hurt, but 90% of it is wonderful busy, like spending time with my mom.

July The summer has been so hectic that I forgot to fundraise (or even mention, really) this Sunday’s 10K race.

August Writers’ Bloc returns to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for a special event with John Lemke and Poppy Ackroyd.

September Fringe shows attended: 8.

October (Nothing, so you get a link that fascinated me today.)

November Um, yikes. And hello. September and October sped by because we moved house and I got a job.

December Now I’ve fooled around with MarsEdit for so long I don’t have much time to write before midnight.

Writing from: the uninspired lounge. Listening to: “7” by Prince.

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