Days 140-152 of Project 365: Spring chaos.

Hello again, patient Project 365 friends! The end of May zipped so quickly that I fell far behind with these posts. I kept snapping every day, though, so I have something to show for my long absence.

Down the leftmost column:

  • a mass of shopping carts at IKEA;
  • fun blurbs that Lonesome's Pizza tucks inside their pizza boxes;
  • my Second Life avatar playing with a virtual pet cat;
  • a non-virtual kitten that I got to snuggle thanks to new friends;
  • my kombucha-in-progress.

Down the middle column:

  • a couple of ducks who were strolling across my front yard when Courtney dropped me off at home;
  • a surreptitious snap from an evening of music videos aired on MTV in the year 1986 as part of an event called Rerun Theater at the Hollywood (but I dearly wish I had taken a better pic because that frame looks vaguely naughty);
  • a particularly artful and delicious sushi roll at Yama;
  • homemade cashew cheese, which tastes much better than it sounds.

And down the right column:

  • a bevy of WordPress stickers at Saturday's WP birthday picnic in Laurelhurst Park;
  • my Midori Traveler's Notebook across from Alberto's laptop during our Sunday coworking session at Heart;
  • my wonderful Zen cat savoring the sunshine;
  • a ladybird atop one of the backyard grape leaves.

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Writing from: my study, currently in chaos as I am reviewing every single book I own in order to decide which ones I will keep. Traumatic. Listening to: episodes of “30 Rock” in the background for comic relief.

The end of summer.

the end of summer

Outside, the end-of-festival fireworks are sounding. Inside, and then again inside a home inside a virtual world, the end of summer draws near as well. That is, if you adhere to the symbolism of seasons in a place where they do not have to exist at all, and I do.

I was going to create a new blog only for my Second Life snaps, but I cannot be fussed. Instead, you can view my Second Life category of posts and subscribe to the RSS feed if that’s your bag.

If none of this is to your liking, pretend you “accidentally” peeked through a neighbour’s window just now. That’s all it is … a glimpse into someone else’s set of foibles and fascinations.

Credits (vaguely left-to-right):

  • Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (white)
  • junk. wannabe boho. petal mirror. metal.
  • [ContraptioN] Music Box: Berceuse des Amoureux
  • [ARIA] Rosalind bent neck swan
  • KittyCats - Stromness (yes, I have virtual cats, too)
  • AF Interior Plant
  • AF Reading Pile
  • Apple Fall Joanne Crystal Lamp
  • junk. boho curtain.
  • Second Spaces - Cluttered House - charging station
  • AF Recycled Desk
  • Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
  • -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Agenda RARE
  • Apple Fall Bea Reading Chair (Worn Leather)
  • Apple Fall Lightbulb Terrarium
  • Schadenfreude Dark Angel Dress Form RARE
  • Constellation Map - Cygnus Gacha
  • Apple Fall Charlotte Cabinet
  • +sanctuaire+ antique radio - walnut - portable
  • ISPACHI - The Arrival - Lamentation of Swans
  • AF Books
  • Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
  • MudHoney Zelia Bag
  • Sari-Sari - Assorted Mail
  • NOMAD // Wall Calendar
  • Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
  • Apple Fall Boxed Supplies w/ Spectacles
  • Apple Fall Cotton Cluster
  • AF Rico's Clock
  • dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . island cabinet
  • Lark - Croissants
  • MIASNOW Home - RUG LOTUS 10 ~black to brown
  • Trompe Loeil - Garden Bard Abode
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