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HIDWTS: Scottish Chivalry.

This holiday version of How I Decide Where to Sit was prompted by my brand new commute! Actually, a few different commutes, because I work at different campuses sometimes, and none of them are particularly near each other, bus-route-wise.… Deciding where to sit has been a snap, really. The buses I take are rarely crowded, and unless it is a single-decker bus, my usual spot is the front seat on the top right.

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HIDWtS: Thanksgiving in Scotland.

This Thanksgiving edition of How I Decide Where to Sit is dedicated to reviewing all the rookie mistakes one can make when riding public transit in a new city for the first time, because it is kind of like what the Pilgrims did when they– no. Even I can’t torture that metaphor. It is dedicated to rookie mistakes because I made them all today and I need to laugh about them with you.

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HIDWtS: Sleep deprivation.

After yet another terrible night of sleep, I was looking forward to work today, figuring that some semblance of a routine would keep my mind occupied and focused. Holiday weekends are wonderful but I need structure to flourish. Otherwise there is everything to do, all at once, and nothing gets done. My sleep schedule also goes wonky, not that it matters when I can’t fall asleep. My shift is a little later for a couple of weeks as I cover for a coworker’s vacation, so I had to look up the shuttle timetables and plan out my commute, something I have not done for many months.

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HIDWtS: Secret club.

For seven months, I have been stumped, not by a puzzle or a game, but by a shuttle. When I board my shuttle in the mornings, it is already nearly full. I figured there must be another stop somewhere, but there is only one listed on the schedule. One morning I worked up the nerve to ask a fellow passenger where this might be. Her answer was snottily unintelligible, so I didn’t ask for clarification.

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HIWDtS: Bye-bye, lady.

Every once in a while, I encounter the N-Judah Greeter. He is a sweet man who says hello and waves to everyone who boards the train, and says goodbye and waves to everyone who leaves. Most people avoid catching his eye, because that is his signal that it is okay to wave and talk. He spends a lot of the time in suspended animation, looking expectantly at each new passenger, hoping for eye contact.

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HIDWtS: Instruments of torture.

O, hello. I am glad you are still here! The end of the semester was a little harrowing, but now there is a moment to breathe and obsess over seating arrangements. I am not great at it yet, but for the past month I have been knitting while commuting. This is much more productive than dozing off, and it keeps my restless brain occupied. There appear to be two ways of dealing with a knitter on public transit.

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HIDWtS: Dance with me.

Previously, I confessed my deep and abiding affection for sitting in The Pocket while on Muni, as well as my irritation with the Blockit No Pocket phenomenon. But a few people showed me the error of my ways. The Pocket can be hard on the knees, and it is the most cramped seat on the train. The Blockit has a nice one-knee freedom, plus it faces the middle accordion section, which is nominally exciting as it twists through turns while above ground.

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HIDWtS: Home run.

Between the middle accordion section of a LRV and one set of doors are four seats. Because they face inward instead of forward or backward, passengers who sit in them often slide to and fro with the braking and accelerating of the train. These seats are named, in order from the middle to the doors, after the bases of a baseball diamond because of their exquisite sliding powers. They are usually filled up in the following order:

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HIDWtS: Cheek to cheek.

[Ed. note: This is almost a week overdue, thanks to the ridiculous summer cold I caught. Lucky for me, seating is timeless!] Let’s talk express. Let’s talk hard facts and numbers. Or let’s just talk about rear ends, because that is all I remember from my first experience with Muni’s Nx bus. With all of the nightmare-laden nights I have experienced lately, I am beginning to ponder the efficacy of a routine nightcap.

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HIDWtS: Holiday catch-up edition.

The past few days have been spent in a homework daze peppered with obsessive Google+ fidgeting, and then I actually left the house on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday to do offline things, which was weird and also good. But now there is catching up to do! This morning, I boarded a mostly-full shuttle and beelined for the newspaper-reader. Yes, that’s right, crinkly, smudge-prone pages and all. My reasoning is simple: every time I sit near someone reading a physical newspaper, I get the news.

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