Day 238 of Project 365: Gingerly, gracefully.

Ginger isn’t as pliable, as needy as Zen is. Although Ginger must walk like other cats from place to place I often think of her as floating, or drifting, appearing again on the horizon. Just out of reach. A mirage, even.

Sometimes I will look down from where I sit to find Ginger looking at me. The look has more weight to it; I give it weight. She doesn’t seem particularly curious about my motives, but she observes. She notices.

Tonight Ginger fell asleep near me on the sofa and her paws, all four, and her face too, everything was all at once in action. Twitching, pulsing. Fascinated, I watched her dreams of inhabiting a younger set of bones and tendons. Her back paws curled up as if she tensed to launch. I pictured her on a night-drenched mesa, stalking the scent of lizard.

File Aug 25, 23 16 51.jpeg

Writing from: my study. Listening to: “Incandescent” by Astronoid.

Day 226 of Project 365: Ginger the Cat.

Today FunkyPlaid and I hung out with Ginger the Cat, keeping her company while also keeping cool during this nasty little heatwave. She allowed me to snap this photo.

2016-08-13 13.26.27-2.jpg

We also test-drove some cars (not with Ginger). The test-driving was fun, but the rest of it just sucked. I cannot wait until the whole car-buying process can be done online. Come on, future.

Writing from: my stuffy study. Listening to: “Palo Alto” by Southern Shores.

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