Exciting "Kettle" news!

I just found out that my flash fiction story “The Kettle and I” has been selected for inclusion in Bewildering Stories’ First Quarterly Review, 2012.

I am also honoured to receive their Order of Merit for the most highly-rated flash fiction story in this review.

"The Kettle and I" - a story by Halsted M. Bernard

I am pleased to announce the publication of my story "The Kettle and I" in Bewildering Stories, issue 471. Here is an excerpt:

We enter the three-story Victorian and stand at the wooden counter. A thick pane of bulletproof glass separates us from the innkeeper. My not-mother holds her palm up to the glass and the innkeeper scans the chip inside. He shows her down a long hallway, waving me off to the waiting room. Dust films the windows and fogs the carpet. A pad bolted to the wall plays clips of smiling goodbyes read by actors in age makeup.

If you enjoy it, please share it.

Links to this story and more are now at the newly-redesigned

The Kettle and I

This photo does double-duty today as story illustration and Project 365 submission. What a hard-working kettle!

Tiger-eyed and Tinytown.

I rediscovered this wonderful literary community online called Fictionaut, and posted an older bit of flash fiction called “Tiger-eyed”. An excerpt:

The tiger-eye beads around her neck would wink at me like a nervous uncle sharing a secret with a child. They roll on her sternum like marbles. At night, on her nightstand, they whisper my secret to the patchouli-scented room. How long have they known?

Also, the first draft of my short story “Tinytown” is 28% complete. The new word-counting widget in the sidebar told me! Because I am encouraged by statistics, I hope to make that 100% by the end of the year.

I would like to say that I found these bits of writerly motivation from within, but it’s all the slush-pile reading. There’s nothing quite like seeing completed stories every day to make me want to complete my own.

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