I was a snowball in hell.

Our sweet tabby boy Torgi is no longer diabetic.

2013 12 05 22 20 47

After fifteen months of twice-daily insulin injections, I thoroughly enjoyed typing that sentence. And although we are waiting on the results of additional blood tests, we are celebrating with salmon and snuggles tonight.

Zen would like you to know that she is getting in on some of that action too.

2013 12 05 22 50 41

I hope you don’t mind cat photos in lieu of in-depth content. Hah, who am I kidding? Cats rule the Internet.

Writing from: Torgi’s side. Listening to: “Snowball in Hell” by They Might Be Giants.

Day 299 of Project 365: Shot

We are getting very good at Torgi’s insulin injections, although it is still a little surreal to be doing it. I remember hearing about diabetes for the first time when I was in grade school and a boy in my class was diabetic. He carried around a tube of cake-frosting in his backpack and I found that very exotic. Clearly I had no idea how not-exotic hypoglycaemia was.

Day 299 of Project 365: Shot

Torgi has his own tube of cake-frosting, except it’s called Glucogel (renamed from the more ominous-sounding Hypostop) and you wouldn’t want to frost a cake with it.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Papers, which helped me organise a disheveled mass of ideas into a pretty okay essay for my information policy class. (Thanks, Hawk.)
  2. musicForProgramming();, the soundtrack for aforementioned essay-writing. (Thanks, Jaschu.)
  3. Long- and short-range moral support. (Thanks, Bradley and FunkyPlaid.)

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