stuff to consume

I love coming home from pub trivia to a house that smells like freshly-baked bread.

Whole Foods’ 365 gluten-free sandwich bread mix is the best mix I’ve baked so far. It tastes like real bread, and by that I mean it has a sweet aftertaste that FunkyPlaid immediately picked up on when he tried it. Most gluten-free mixes have a powdery, slightly sour aftertaste.

On another tactile note, I am testing out some new fragrances. Patchouli Garden’s vanilla sandalwood is enticing at first, but on my skin it evens out to what I can only term “old lady musk”, which is disappointing. Song of India’s sandalwood oil, on the other hand, is the perfect blend of woodsy sweetness. I am still undecided on the patchouli sandalwood.

Erik Larson’s Thunderstruck is excellently constructed and wholly absorbing, so I must go read it before I fall asleep.

I dearly wish I could crack my toes, but feet worry me so much that I avoid them all.

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