What I will/won’t miss about my flat:

  • pimp/ho fisticuffs during the wee hours;
  • siren orchestra of Fire Station #3;
  • the little man who slept by the front door of my building who would always say he was sorry when I tiptoed past;
  • surly neighbors;
  • always-packed laundromat;
  • lanky smokers in front of the corner bar, all elbows and coals;
  • lack of street-lamps;
  • single-paned windows;
  • tissue-thin taxi brakes;
  • the 2, 3, and 4 bus lines, especially that tschhhhhh noise;
  • the Angriest Beggar who called me “sweetheart” when he needed anything and “bitch” when he realized he wasn’t going to get it … every single time;
  • bridge-and-tunnel screechers after the bars close;
  • and every single unexplained loud noise in the night.
It’s been quite a year for me here. Living in this neighborhood definitely challenged me; working and living in this neighborhood exhausts me. I am looking forward to living in the “suburbs”, sleepy quiet, near the ocean and the park and not much else. Most of all, I am looking forward to living with my partner in a proper house that we will furnish and care for together.

Goodbye, little nest.  Onward to the next roost!

RSSless: days 4 and 5

FunkyPlaid and I were at the store until late last night, so I didn’t post my non-progress on the RSS fast.  No matter; absolutely nothing has changed.  I spend my time writing, reading, and puzzle-solving instead, and my stress levels are markedly down.  Now I am absolutely convinced that I need to ditch my RSS reader permanently, and only read a handful of feeds on a start page like iGoogle or Netvibes.

We ran lots of errands today, relishing in our pre-cohabitation domesticity, wringing out the moments of our only day off together.  Right now I am sipping pomegranate wine and eating dark-chocolate-covered pistachios while chatting with some old friends online as FunkyPlaid’s WoW character busies herself with the usual smiting of evil.  Yawns escape my protesting lips; FunkyPlaid leaves for a trade show in Vegas tomorrow, so I won’t see him for a week, and I don’t want to fall asleep yet.  But who defeats sleep?

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