Days 253-259 of Project 365: Myriad mundanities.

Sometimes you sit at home in a world that only exists in a collective imagination. (Credits below.)


Sometimes you go out into the real world and inhabit what a joyful fever-dream of a Kevin Costner-obsessed, seven-foot-tall clown who will never speak, only sing and grunt and command people to eat cupcakes while he sings “Under Pressure” at them.

2016-09-12 21.28.54-1.jpg

Sometimes you are at work and an echo of your past heart walks in as your throat closes and you half-kneel, half-crouch, bargaining with time so maybe this moment could last a little longer than it surely will, bargaining with your shoddy memory which deftly picks exactly now to tell you that this isn’t your beloved but rather someone else’s beloved and can’t you see that all the details are wrong and it doesn’t matter but you won’t cry, no you won’t, not at work, not at a new job, and so you make all of your adult body stand up and smile and walk away.

2016-09-14 19.10.02-1.jpg

And the rest of the week? You simply take pictures of the things that fill up other spaces in your brain, colors and shapes in pleasant arrangements, nothing too dangerous, nothing too bizarre: myriad mundanities that somehow add up to a life.

2016-09-11 18.40.59.jpg

2016-09-10 16.27.32.jpg

2016-09-13 22.33.00.jpg

2016-09-15 19.03.30-2.jpg

Credits for Second Life snap (vaguely left-to-right):


  • Studio Skye – Enchanted Woods v2 – 4 (clearing) [resized]
  • Trompe Loeil – Garden Bard Abode (no gardens)
  • Schadenfreude Gunmetal Distressed Bethlem Apothecary Cabinet
  • Schadenfreude Dark Angel Dress Form RARE
  • .random.Matter. - Ire Cabinet - Rose
  • Ex Machina Terrarium 1
  • *HEXtraordinary* Chameleon Companion - Green Rainbow - RARE
  • Apple Fall Books
  • Concept} 07. Retro Radio - Cere - RARE
  • Concept}  Retro Radio - Books
  • DIGS - Heritage Armchair - FLF Limited [MESH]
  • junk. battered leather couch. brown. pg.
  • Trompe Loeil - Antique Floor Lamp with projection lighting
  • MIASNOW Home - RUG LOTUS 10 ~black to brown


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Writing from: my study in Portland. Listening to: “Wasted Time” by Eagles.

puppy love

The puppy was named Kenya. She was a service animal – not a guide dog, so it was okay that I interacted with her – and she was three months old. I met her in line at Starbucks. She licked my hand as I petted her and I tried not to cry, but there were at least three very good reasons for tears to occur. So I got an expensive latte with a complimentary trip down memory lane.

I am superstitious about the 23rd day of the month, so today I am finding all sorts of signs amongst chaos. For example, I am now convinced that I wrote that last sentence simply to rediscover my love for the word “amongst”, forgotten until just a few moments ago.

Egyptian Magic is a company with a skin cream that is supposedly the best skin cream ever. They all say that, but this one has all-natural ingredients (if “divine love” is natural) plus a founder and CEO named Lord-Pharaoh ImHotep-AmonRa. Can your skin cream say that?

Yesterday, a patron told me that “feliz navidad” is the most beautiful way to say “merry Christmas”. He may have been biased toward his first language, but I do not doubt its loveliness. In English, the phrase smacks of brisk edges. Spanish lends it some banister-sliding merriment.

You may have wondered what happened to my holiday gift guide. I sure didn’t, because I wrote it and saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. Ha ha, I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I still can’t figure it out. At least I have one ready to go for next year! Ha ha.

Lastly, I boom a hearty greetings to my long-neglected LiveJournal! This is my first automagic cross-post. Let’s comment in a threaded fashion at each other!

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