on the hunt

I keep meaning to write about my first year participating in the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt, but I am a dreadful reviewer.  Did I take notes? No. Did I record all of my thoughts as soon as I got home? Not even close. My review, therefore, goes like this: we walked (quickly, although there were moments of moseying) all over Chinatown and North Beach and the Financial District, solved puzzles, laughed a lot, and finished with only one question unanswered.

At least I took some video. And let me tell you: there is nothing quite so humbling as watching oneself on video.

Not exactly caveats, but it bears noting: Yes, my face really moves like that when I talk.  No, I wasn’t under the influence.  Yes, I wear that hat out in public.  No, I had no prior experience with handheld videocams.

Yes, I would do it all again next year.

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