Days 140-152 of Project 365: Spring chaos.

Hello again, patient Project 365 friends! The end of May zipped so quickly that I fell far behind with these posts. I kept snapping every day, though, so I have something to show for my long absence.

Down the leftmost column:

  • a mass of shopping carts at IKEA;
  • fun blurbs that Lonesome's Pizza tucks inside their pizza boxes;
  • my Second Life avatar playing with a virtual pet cat;
  • a non-virtual kitten that I got to snuggle thanks to new friends;
  • my kombucha-in-progress.

Down the middle column:

  • a couple of ducks who were strolling across my front yard when Courtney dropped me off at home;
  • a surreptitious snap from an evening of music videos aired on MTV in the year 1986 as part of an event called Rerun Theater at the Hollywood (but I dearly wish I had taken a better pic because that frame looks vaguely naughty);
  • a particularly artful and delicious sushi roll at Yama;
  • homemade cashew cheese, which tastes much better than it sounds.

And down the right column:

  • a bevy of WordPress stickers at Saturday's WP birthday picnic in Laurelhurst Park;
  • my Midori Traveler's Notebook across from Alberto's laptop during our Sunday coworking session at Heart;
  • my wonderful Zen cat savoring the sunshine;
  • a ladybird atop one of the backyard grape leaves.

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Writing from: my study, currently in chaos as I am reviewing every single book I own in order to decide which ones I will keep. Traumatic. Listening to: episodes of “30 Rock” in the background for comic relief.

Bad parenting.

To sum up the Zen situation: she seems to be feeling much better tonight. She has been suffering since Monday of lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite, and she vomited twice this morning even though she hadn’t eaten much last night, so it was time to take her to the vet.

The trip to the vet was as exciting as ever. Zen is perfectly happy to go into her carrier and be lugged anywhere in the world. She is somewhat less happy to be outside of her carrier at the vet’s.

I never, ever want to hear Zen like that. Basically, it sounds like someone is skinning her alive. She screams and hisses and tries to claw anyone who gets near her. The vet tech had to wrap her in a towel and was wearing serious-looking protective gloves while she did it. Zen would calm down for a few seconds when she heard my voice, but when the vet tried to do anything at all to her, she wasn’t having it. At all. I was shocked that they were able to weigh her, take her temperature, draw blood, and give subcutaneous fluids. That team is impressive.

So the vet thinks that Zen may have been poisoned by chewing on the stem of a calla lily that I thought was out of her reach. I discovered the gnawed-on stem today. Calla lilies are toxic to cats and dogs, and so I am feeling suitably wretched for being an inattentive parent. We will know more on Friday when the lab results are in if her kidneys are failing. Calla lilies are not the most toxic lilies, so there is some hope, plus her symptoms do not seem to indicate kidney failure. Still, I am worried and torturing myself over my stupid mistake.

Since the vet’s, she has tried to eat a few times, but her usual food mystifies her; she grabs a kernel in her mouth and tries to gobble it (she usually does this instead of chewing) but parts of it fall back out of her mouth. I gave her some of the special wet food that the vet suggested and she cleaned her plate within minutes. She has not vomited since 07:30 today. Again, I am hopeful.

This was an exciting first day of unemployment.

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