dear hissyfit fussypants

To the current political naysayers regarding the American economy: we tried your way. For years, decades even. It did not work. Now someone is trying something else to keep the capitalist machine running. If you think this is socialism, you had best sit down in front of a dictionary.

You want me to buy American? I do, when the product is worth a good goddamn. But none of us can continue to have the standard of living to which we have grown accustomed, shitty American products or no, so here is a thought: stop losing your tiny minds over the fact that the only constant is change.

And no, this is not directed at fiscal conservatives. This is directed at everyone.Β  You too.Β  Everyone who whinges about how everything is in the toilet: what are you doing about it?Β  Really, tell me. I want to know.

From here, I see a lot of panic and a lot of negativity, and since when did either of these fix the world?

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