Days 128-132 of Project 365: Gorge, goats, and more.

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During my dad and stepmom’s visit in Portland, I have been opting to go to bed on time instead of posting a photo each night. Tonight I realized that I was five posts behind. Whoops! Here is a quick catch-up.

Our activities have included a stunning drive in the Columbia River Gorge, communing with the Belmont Goats, a tootle around the International Rose Test Garden, and plenty more I didn’t think to photograph. And then there is the food. Some of it was even free (thanks, Taste of Bangkok)! All of it has been delicious. Of course. It’s Portland.

Writing from: my study. Listening to: “Fault Lines” by Beacon.

Day 51 of Project 365: The Belmont Goats.

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“Let’s go see the goats,” she said. Because that is a thing you do in Portland. You go see the Belmont Goats and scratch their wee ears (if they are into it) and tell them they are beautiful.

And they are beautiful.

Here is my beautiful husband with beautiful Chester.

I am happy to say that I am no longer afraid of goats. Well done, Belmont Goats.

N.B. I’m a few days behind with the project, so these descriptions will be brief.

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