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Links for 15 September 2011

Today’s nibbles and squeaks from the beak! I can’t tell if my fascination with this sleeping capsule is a weird outgrowth of my claustrophobia or of my love of tiny things. Maybe both? (via laughingsquid) I love tickledfancy’s “Mad Men” portraits, but especially this one of Peggy. Because Peggy rules.

Links for 14 September 2011

Today’s nibbles and squeaks from the beak! Someone hacked the Trinity College School of English site. I took a screenshot for posterity. (Yes, he is even listed in the Academic Staff Directory.) []( Kimbra’s “Good Intent” has me tapping my toes. (via Silence is Boring) Can Scotland really be a month away? This lovely shot of Kelvingrove in Glasgow made my heart ache. (via gravygarden) A clever book trailer about procrastination (by YouAreNotSoSmart).

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Links for 12 September 2011

Puzzle Hunt Calendar: I participated in my first Microsoft Puzzle Hunt this weekend, and loved it. Here is a puzzle hunt calendar for those of you who might be interested! [youtube] On first watch: WTF? On second: HNNNNGGG! VH1’s “Ton of Cash” - The Greek Mystique’s Final Animal (by gittespiipsettig) Ah, the Meadows! Via funkyplaid. ._.-. linklog at Digest powered by RSS Digest

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