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The first two weeks

The first two weeks of homeownership have been filled with incremental joys. I’m afraid to lose them to time, to a dependence on a type of memory I lack, so I’ll share them here.

beet plants in the dirt

This will be the only time we won’t have to make any effort for the rewards of fresh vegetables in our garden. I eagerly plucked three red beets from one of the raised beds and will roast them, sauté the greens, enjoy how little I did for such delight.

bottle of Murphy Oil soap on tiled surface

Mopping the floors on the hottest day of the summer wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Sweat pouring down my face, I scrubbed away the last bits of the house’s previous chapter, leaving behind the scent of Murphy Oil Soap. This distinctive scent permeates my earliest memories, and again the memories of our first visits to Portland, where we’d encounter it during our stays at McMenamin’s properties.

red raspberries growing on a lush plant

We have both red and golden raspberry plants now, which feels ridiculously luxurious but is a thing that happens, has happened, to other people for ages and I’m adjusting to it happening to me. Also, I watched a scrub jay yank a berry right off one of the plants and abscond with it. I was both impressed and miffed.

a bevy of hydrangea blooms

What I don’t have photos for (so this lovely hydrangea will have to suffice):

This part is slow and fast all at once, my favorite tempo. Moving day is a two and a half weeks away now. Here we (continue to) go!

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