The now of January 2020

January, a fresh start, an injection of newness, 31 days or more (as it felt) still straddling multiple notebooks and planners and apps. A blur, with some emotional spikes both up and down but residual good feeling. Some newness to share:

My digital declutter (mentioned last month) is complete. I restricted myself to accessing social media from a browser instead of an app, and the result is that I didn’t miss it much at all. I enjoy knowing what the people I care about are doing and thinking, but using social media to do that wasn’t working for me. Non-chronological feeds stress me out because I can’t track where I left off and I can’t find what I’m looking for. (Instagram refuses to show me FunkyPlaid’s posts, for example, and we’re actual real-life married, opting instead to show me endless advertisements for sunglasses. In Portland.) The economy of likes and retweets is another stress point; did I remember to “like” things that someone I care about has posted so that they know that I see and validate them? Will a retweet (even with a comment) convey the nuance that the context requires?

Is it the speed with which I prefer to get to know people (slowly, methodically, with intention) that is at odds with the speed of the medium? Is it that I am not sharply-tongued enough to keep up with the hot takes? Is it the performative nature of all of this meta-thinking and meta-conversing? All I want to do is share kitten photos and brief excitements over books I’m reading. I’ll keep plugging away here and at “Likes” never existed on, and I’ve just turned them off here.

We’ll just have to talk to each other.

Featured photo: a screenshot taken in Second Life.

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