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This Week.

Hey, it’s this week’s This Week! I’m on industrial-grade antibiotics! I don’t have an intro!


I do this thing where I let myself get Super! Excited! about something, painfully excited, that excitement that is all shiny sparkling hummingbird buzzing with all of the good possibilities that the something may bring. I convince myself that everyone else involved is also Super! Excited! and it is so cool to share that feeling, you know it is.

And then the next day, I realize that I’m the only person that is Super! Excited! about the thing because everyone else has other stuff going on and I get hugely bummed out.

At the beginning of January, I let myself get Super! Excited! about a potential writing group. Then it didn’t seem to pan out the way I thought it would: huge bummer. But a new writer friend and I are forging ahead with a biweekly meeting date at a local café. If no one else shows up, we’ll at least have a few hours of focused writing time. Or chat. :)

I had another Super! Excited! moment at work recently when I became the subject selector for my library’s science fiction and fantasy collection. (Just typing the sentence makes my head explode a little.) But nothing can bum me out about that. Nothing.


On the Page

On the Screen

FunkyPlaid and I are almost through Season 3 of “Outlander” which has managed to make high-seas pirating boring. Last season made 18th century Paris boring. Paris! It’s not a good trend.

We recently re-watched “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and it was even better than I remembered. I can’t wait to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. I’m also really looking forward to “Black Panther”!

On the (Figurative) Turntable

I hope I am never blasé about Spotify surprising me with gorgeous music I haven’t heard before. “Butterfly” by Snowpoet appeared in my life today and … yep.…


In the (Literal) Game Room

We had friends over and played Love Letter and Jungle Speed. One of these games is calm and methodical and the other involves sprained fingers and hysterical laughter. Both are really, really fun. Play them instead of Monopoly or Risk. They are great games that won’t make you hate your friends.

On the Internet

I lost my social media mojo a while back, but I post wee updates and photos to my microblog, Honk. (Thanks to FunkyPlaid for the name!)

On the Globe

We’ve just started planning our trip to Scotland this April! I cannot wait to see everyone and everything and take a million photos and eat proper curry.

Ink o' the Week

It is snowing right now (WTF, Portland?) so my TWSBI Eco is loaded with Kaweco Summer Purple. Wishful writing!

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