This week.


If my life could be summed up in one emoji this week, it’d be 💩. I have been on hyper-vigilant poop watch for Zen, fretting over her lack of bowel movements, convinced that she would land back in the hospital. But Friday was a breakthrough day for Zen’s health, and as I write this she is back to her old, weird, snuggly, cantankerous, deeply loved self.

I do not have illusions about what all of this means in the long term; I realize that an elderly cat with chronic kidney disease has already gone through most of her nine lives. But for now, it is a reprieve, and in a darkened world it shines even brighter.

As for the rest … well, you read the news so you already know the “alternative facts”.


As the snow piled up, so did my task list. Both melted a bit this week: RescueTime says I was 71% productive. It wasn’t a gratifying workweek, but I kept moving forward.


It has been so long since I picked up a book that I may have forgotten how to read. Kind of ridiculous for someone who works in a library, but that’s how distracted and dismayed I have been.

TV is much easier to consume. FunkyPlaid and I finished watching Luke Cage and I’m already looking forward to the next season. We then watched Season 4 of Sherlock. Ugh, how disappointing! I don’t know what I wanted out of the last season but it wasn’t that.

I enjoyed two new albums, Violent Femmes’ We Can Do Anything and Austra’s Future Politics. Got a favorite Spotify playlist? Link it in the comments.

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