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Day 316 of Project 365: Years for the first day.

FunkyPlaid and I took a nice long walk in Ladd’s Addition this afternoon. I always feel better after walking and chatting about nothing in particular with FunkyPlaid. The leaves are falling in earnest and soon it will be our first winter in Portland.

2016-11-11 16.59.45-1.jpg

I am so tired that I couldn’t think of a title for this photo, so I let auto-complete decide for me. I typed in “Years” and then one of the next words to pop up and then on until I had a full phrase. It is nonsense but I like it anyway. That is possibly my motto for this entire website.

Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: myself yawn at 21:30 on a Friday night. Such a party animal.

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