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Though it is often on my mind, I haven’t written much about the transition from expat in Scotland to repat in Portland. Perhaps I hesitate because the mixture of feelings is daunting to approach, let alone sift out into comprehensible chunks.

In short, the transition is going well. Parts of our life remain in limbo: nearly three months after leaving Scotland, we still do not have our possessions in hand, and I still do not have a job. But by and large our landing has been so soft. FunkyPlaid, Zen, and I made it back to the States safely, then found a great place to live and began reacclimatizing in earnest. We have friends nearby who support us unhesitatingly, family visiting soon, and the weather has been warm and bright.

I’m reminding myself to save up the sunshine to better weather the storms as they come.

Writing from: my makeshift study in the dining-room. Listening to: “London Blues” by Jelly Roll Morton.