2016-04-18 23.14.15-2.jpg

After we moved to Portland, Zen started waking us up very early in the morning by sitting at the bottom of the stairs and yowling. Her food and water dishes weren’t empty; she was just lonely for us, and the stairs give her trouble.

So we did the only reasonable thing: every night at bedtime, we bring her upstairs with us, as well as her food and water and heating pad and litter box. Zen approves of this nightly migration. I snapped this view from our bedroom when I realized that I had forgotten to take a picture. Perhaps you can see Zen’s rear legs and tail sticking out on the left side of the shot as she enjoys an evening snack.

Writing from: my makeshift study in the dining-room. Listening to: “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” by Saint Etienne.