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Day 91 of Project 365: Stepping up.

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After weeks of not getting enough exercise, I walked over 16,000 steps today. It felt great. I’m a bit sore now but it’s a good kind of sore. And it justified the giant gluten-free waffle I scarfed for breakfast at B Street Coffee House with Alberto.

After we wandered around town for a while, we parted ways and I took a TriMet bus for the first time! This is only exciting to me, but as a transit nerd I am obligated to mention it.

After I got home and had lunch, I ran some errands on foot, and then got properly lost in my neighborhood. But on a day like today, blue skies and 70°F, being lost wasn’t so bad. Eventually I gave in and used the map on my phone to get home. Next time I won’t have to do so.

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