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Days 83-89 of Project 365: Acclimating.

Relocating chews up time and spits out bewilderment. How did a week go by without a Project 365 update? I remembered to take photos every day but thinking of something to say about each one was more than I could manage. Here’s another catch-up.

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Last week, FunkyPlaid and I saw Loreena McKennitt perform at the Schnitz, what locals call the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. It was my first time seeing her live, and even though I am unfamiliar with her music, I liked it quite a bit. McKennitt talked a bit about the history surrounding some of the songs, which I appreciated. Later in the show she also talked about one of her non-musical endeavors, which was expressed as a disjointed ramble against the Internet and violent videogames. This I did not appreciate. It’s her platform, so she gets to talk about whatever she wants, but it was disappointing and distancing.

Thursday was the opposite of disappointing and distancing: I got to see my friend Alberto for the first time in years, and he took me around Portland to show me some of his favorite places. While we were walking along Mississippi Avenue, we spied the ridiculously photogenic John Palmer House.

On Friday, FunkyPlaid drove back to the Bay Area to work at the store for a week, leaving Zen and I, two wild and crazy bachelorettes. We promptly napped. (She is still napping.) The weekend was low-key, and I spent some time catching up with “The Walking Dead” and then wondering why I continue to watch it. It’s a codependent relationship.

Courtney and I undertook an involved cooking project on Sunday. One of the cookbooks I left behind when we moved to Scotland had a recipe for green garlic sformatini with Parmigiano-Reggiano and fava bean salad, and it sounded so springy and delicious and had a word that started with “sf” in it. So I mentioned it to Courtney, who is always up for a cooking challenge (seriously, look at these dishes), and we totally pulled it off. Plus she pan-seared steelhead trout to go with it. This was by far the hardest recipe I’ve ever attempted. There were ramekins and a bain-marie and whipping egg whites to stiff peaks and blanching the fava beans to peel them and so many other steps. But we make a good team, and Robert’s delicious cocktails helped too.

Yesterday and today I received packages in the mail, both pictured. In one was a four-leaf clover charm that my mom found for me in Ireland last autumn. I’ve been feeling pretty lucky these days, but who couldn’t use a little more luck? Today’s package was from Warby Parker, because I need new glasses soon and wanted to try on some fashionable frames. They offer a home try-on service, which I was excited about, but all of the frames I chose make me look like a day trader stuck in the ‘80s. I couldn’t even show you a selfie, that’s how bad they all were.

But I will wrap this up with good news: after almost two weeks in customer service hell, my mobile is a phone again! Now I have no excuse not to wander around my new neighborhood tomorrow.

Writing from: my makeshift study in the dining-room. Listening to: the original Broadway cast recording of “Hamilton”.

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