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Day 80 of Project 365: Mini-Me.

Sometime last year, I dreamed that my Midori Traveler’s Notebook suddenly hatched a smaller sibling, like my notebook’s Mini-Me. I chalked it up to my habit of reading too many stationery blogs, and left it at that.

But this smaller version of my daily notebook kept resurfacing in my dreams. The two notebooks were a matched set, but then I would wake up and there was only one of them. Frankly, it bothered me. And so as soon as my box of journals was unearthed from storage, I ripped it open and found Mini-Me sitting right on the top.

2016-03-20 23.15.00.jpg

As I turned the smaller notebook over in my hands, I vaguely remembered buying it many years ago, but I had planned to return it because it was too small. But now it is not too small at all. Now my notebooks are a matched set. And now I can sleep.

Kids: don’t do stationery. It will mess with your mind.

Writing from: my makeshift study in the dining-room. Listening to: a tortoiseshell cat purr and lick my hands as I try to type.

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