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Day 45 of Project 365: Blue-sky thinking.

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Wordnik lists two definitions of “blue-sky thinking”:

n. thinking that is not grounded or in touch in the realities of the present. n. open-minded thinking (i.e., as wide and clear as the blue sky).

The next phase of our relocation has me pondering the concept of optimism. The opposite of optimism is pessimism, not realism. If I had to identify as anything, I’d be an optimistic realist. Outright pessimism does not contribute anything valuable, and outright optimism is foolish. But there’s got to be a bit of hope, or what’s the point?

Today was full of photo opportunities that I missed. The only photo I took today was this one while looking up through the sunroof of the car. I had been trying to capture the beams of the bridge but waited too long, so I got only sky instead. There is a metaphor in there, and we don’t even have to look very hard for it.

Writing from: a quiet room in Marin. Listening to: FunkyPlaid watching the funniest SNL skit I’ve seen in years.

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