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Day 41 of Project 365: California dreaming.

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It has been unseasonably warm in California. Today it was 70°F and I opted to eat my breakfast outside because what kind of jerk wastes weather like this? I felt like I was on vacation, with my yogurt and my banana and my copy of “The Devil in the White City”. But don’t worry: I suffer from a perennial inability to stay in the present moment, so I immediately felt guilty for feeling so good.

What you see in the foreground is my father-in-law’s massive DIY project that involves French drains and wheelbarrows full of rocks and other things I don’t understand but appreciate aesthetically. Occasionally a gopher will pop up out of one of the holes in the yard but they have been too fast for me to photograph.

Writing from: sunny, confused California. Listening to: my external drive backing up my computer for the first time in a while, whoops.

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