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Day 4 of Project 365: Slàinte mhath!

[caption id=“attachment_91757” align=“aligncenter” width=“687”]2016-01-04 18.09.17 a dram of 13-year-old Glen Scotia[/caption]

We went to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society tonight with a guest who was ever so game for it, to hilarious result. Although we kept to a single sedate dram each, silliness abounded nonetheless. It is good to be silly sometimes. There is so much weighing down on me with only three weeks to go that I have to focus on the silliness to get through.

It is especially good to be grateful for all of the good things I am fortunate to experience in this life. I am keenly aware that I write to you here from a particular point of privilege. But you don’t come here to read about the latest atrocities in the world, the great injustices, the pitfalls of modern life. You come here because you can rely on me to be one meagre point of whatever-it-is-I-am amidst the rest of it.

And I am grateful for your whatever-it-is-you-are too. To your good health!

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