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Careen in tandem.

After I left work tonight, giant flakes of snow were falling but melting before they hit the ground. Still, it put me in a bit of a holiday mood, so I bought a pine-scented candle and a box of gluten-free mince pies at Tesco.

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I am still not totally sold on mince pies. They taste a little like pastry-wrapped pomanders to me. But, you know, I’ll forgive a lot for a concentrated hit of sugar.

When I got home, my wireless keyboard had stopped working and a couple of apps were crashing all over the place, so I spent the evening troubleshooting. It annoyed me tremendously. But in a pine-scented way. It’s funny how little patience I have for computer issues at home, while at work I’m completely content to help folks fix any little thing.

I had planned to spend the evening blasting through the email that has backed up, but I’m tired of computers right now. Time to curl up with a book. (I’m finally reading Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem”.)

Writing from: a very cranky mood at a very cluttered dining-room table. Listening to: “Mr. Xcitement” by They Might Be Giants.

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