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a new home for the trumpeter swan

Now I've fooled around with MarsEdit for so long I don't have much time to write before midnight. Today is the first day of Holidailies, a tradition in which people update their blogs once every day for the month of December. I failed to finish NaNoWriMo this year, but I am committed to finishing this, dammit.

Maybe it will distract me from being apart from FunkyPlaid during "the festive period." This is what it was called in a work email recently and I appreciated its abject neutrality.

2013 12 01 19 43 22

The Meadows were foggy tonight. I tricked my phone into snapping this before autofocusing because it looked so spooky out there.

Cool kids have blog titles with lines from poems. I have TMBG lyrics. This one is from "Sometimes a Lonely Way" on their new album, "Nanobots". I meant to write about how it is relevant but that will have to wait for another entry because I am so sleepy.

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