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Running past the past.

Today my dad and I took Mister Vic out to Woodcock. It was raining steadily as we got out of the car and headed to the trail. Vic's long ears and feathered tail were soon soaked, but he didn't mind a bit. We walked together for a while, and then my dad pointed up the trail, and I ran.

I didn't run particularly fast, since I haven't trained in a while, and I didn't run for very long. But I ran right past the spot on the dam where I was unceremoniously dumped all those years ago, even though I really should have seen it coming.

That's where I learned that you shouldn't beg someone not to leave you, not because it might work but because you'll both always know that you did.

Holiday Dinner

The present is a happier place. My dad, stepmom, and I had another lovely meal together tonight and exchanged gifts. Right now I am fussing over my brand-new iPad and wireless keyboard! It has been impossible to focus on coursework tonight, although I really should do something coursework-related before I go to bed.

I can't wait until I am a librarian and have a job and can give gifts to my loved ones that are as generous and thoughtful as the gifts they give me.

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