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Day 361 of Project 365: Crumpled Swan

Ah, the inevitable meltdown: a miserable yet crucial milestone in the last semester of grad school experience.

At least it enabled me to see how much perspective I have lost, and how I have to distance myself emotionally from these deadlines because they’re just not worth it.

Physically, I am a mess, and skipping my training runs hasn’t helped that at all so I need to get back in that groove immediately. Emotionally, I am a snarled ball of poopy feelings. That’s the technical term for it.

I am the assigned project manager for one of the assignments that has been frustrating me. The only thing I know how to do there is to write one final “this is how we will accomplish our goals” email and hope it is well-received. Here goes nothing …

Day 361 of Project 365: Crumpled Swan

gratitude: all those horrendous management situations I have experienced in the real world, so I at least have the tools to deal with this, even when I don’t want to · dog rescue videos · FunkyPlaid, for picking up the slack

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