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Day 358 of Project 365: Looking Forward To

One of the things I have been looking forward to doing, post-graduation, is spending more time playing a game called Glitch. Over the past two years I have played it when I have the time, which isn’t often, but it is just the kind of game I enjoy, a massively multiplayer environment with plenty of surreal and amusing puzzles and projects to do and share. I was developing some of my own ideas in Glitch, too, like creating a public library system (big surprise there) and organising subway parties (another shocker) among other things.

Today I found out that Glitch is closing the day after I graduate.

That’s all I’ve got right now. That and this weird photo of my desk I took in Percolator.

Day 358 of Project 365: Looking Forward

gratitude: Tiny Speck for all their hard work on such a wonderful game · all the great players I got to know · my favourite game character, The Rube, whose theme music is my phone’s ringtone

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