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Day 353 of Project 365: Meer-ly a Snap

I had high hopes for today’s photo because I took my dSLR to the zoo. The sad fact is that I don’t have the time or energy to post-process anything right now. So, if you can forgive the pun, today you get meer-ly a snap.

Day 353 of Project 365: Meer-ly a Snap

When Project 365 is over, I won’t be restarting it. As a documentary exercise, it has been useful, but my photographic skills have not improved. Many days I actively resent having to find something to photograph. After an enlightening conversation with friends tonight, I think I will post a non-snapshot photo a week in 2013. Snaps and blather will still clutter the pages of this journal, but the focus (not another pun) will be on challenging myself to develop (please make it stop) my dSLR skills.

gratitude: some well-deserved time off with friends today · falling back in love with my macro lens · meerkats

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