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Day 352 of Project 365: Kitchen Disappointment

I had a little cold last week and planned to make myself some chicken soup, so I solicited recipes. One that particularly intrigued me was Courtney’s family’s “sick soup”, which is a form of arroz caldo de pollo. Time slipped away and my cold abated, but the ingredients remained in our fridge and needed to be used. Since I was so busy and unfocused today I decided to translate it into a slow-cooker recipe.

It did not work. My lack of skill resulted in a very bland and unappetising porridge-like dish. It did smell good while it was cooking, though. I will have to try the non-slow-cooker way when I have more time and presence of mind.

Day 352 of Project 365: Kitchen Disappointment

gratitude: there was something else in the fridge to eat · our dear Torgi’s blood sugar levels have normalised · my final portfolio for grad school was passed as submitted

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