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Day 349 of Project 365: Laid to Rest

Today we went to Stirling and I took lots of photos I didn’t like much. But one of the toughest and most valuable parts of this project is ditching perfectionism in favour of getting something posted every day. And that’s fine – this is purely a selfish documentary exercise. I can translate this experience directly to my writing and how I need to be okay with crappy first drafts.

I did like how the random Hipstamatic lens/film combination worked for this one.

Day 349 of Project 365: Laid to Rest

I can’t stay awake much longer, so I will find out the U.S. presidential election results in the morning. Look at me, not obsessing over things!

Except now I am obsessing over a friend’s retweet about how there is almost no reason to use exclamation points, and I just used one.

gratitude: curry takeaway · the sound of Kingdom Builder being played in the next room · taking a break from homework to knit

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