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Day 347 of Project 365: All Lined Up

The day could have gone pear-shaped: I was getting ready to leave, and made the mistake of checking my email one last time before heading out the door. With inflated blood pressure one half-hour later, I finally left. But from then on, everything was excellent: the walk to Arthur’s Seat, geocaching with friends, the Stewed Rhubarb Press launch, meeting up with aforementioned friends at the pub, the wobbly walk home with a chippy detour, and Skype with my friend Claudia.

It all lined up. Just like that. All I had to do was show up.

Day 347 of Project 365: All Lined Up

gratitude: that light, that gorgeous autumn light · introducing our houseguest B to geocaching and Irn-Bru in the same day · pushing it all aside and just showing up

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