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Day 326 of Project 365: My First Edin-versary

Today is my first Edin-versary! I have lived here for exactly one year, and I have all the feelings about it. Right now, mostly good ones.

Today I left the flat and didn’t know the exact address of where I was going but didn’t look at the map. I arrived at my destination and was almost all the way back home again before I realised this.

This has been a year of adjustment and acclimation. I still don’t feel like I fit in, but I feel like I stick out a little less. Paying for things doesn’t confuse me anymore. Specific navigation still does.

I understand about 90% of what people are saying, if those people aren’t mumbling or talking softly. Most cultural references, political jokes, and tennis scoring comprises that 10%.

Starting over in a new place is exhilarating and frustrating. It might be easier to start over somewhere completely different; here, it is much like coming home after someone has rearranged all the furniture three inches to the right. Right when I think I know what I’m doing, I stub my toe something awful.

But it is only a stubbed toe. And there are mornings like this one, where I figure out a little thing without knowing because I’m too busy photographing the errant shoe in someone’s front garden.

It was a nice shoe.

Day 326 of Project 365: My First Edin-versary

gratitude: monthly craft day forcing me to actually knit · already missing the regulars in the weekly student hangouts · pumpkin-flavoured anything

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