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Day 312 of Project 365: Vulcan's Shadow

Today began with a solid yet exhausting run, then M and I went to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art Two. We ate gluten-free chocolate and beetroot cake in Vulcan’s shadow.

[caption id=“attachment_8373” align=“aligncenter” width=“470”]Day 312 of Project 365: Vulcan's Shadow Eduardo Paolozzi’s “Vulcan” from below[/caption]

The day ended with laughs and fabulous food (homemade pignoli cookies!) at L’s birthday gathering, followed by a brief videochat with some university colleagues. Now I am off to read before bed. All in all, it has been a fantastic Sunday.

gratitude: seeing Paolozzi’s studio and imagining what kind of studio I’d like someday · nearly 20,000 steps under all the bright blue skies · FunkyPlaid’s ode to pumpkin spice lattes

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