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Day 305 of Project 365: Coffee

A café in the neighbourhood has a new neon sign. I thought I was taking a clearer photo of it than I did. Still, I think you can guess what the sign says.

Day 305 of Project 365: Coffee

My first race is in less than two weeks! I turned the zombie chases off before setting out for my run today, but the app didn’t like that very much because it kept repeating “Eye of the Tiger” and some ridiculous song called “We Run the Night” that I downloaded for free as part of a health magazine’s running playlist. Just those two songs, over and over. I was very relieved to stop running.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Classmates who show up for our weekly chats. Proto-librarians enjoy blowing off steam, and they are hilarious at it.
  2. The chips I smelled in the park on my run, prompting me to yell, “Those smell great!” at the guy wolfing them down as I stumbled past. He choked a little. I am sorry, chips guy, but they really really did.
  3. Cat sneezes. Zen has a little cold and her sneezes are pitifully cute.

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