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Day 304 of Project 365: Excavation

Truthfully, I am all over the place right now. There has been a frenzy to get a working first draft for an upcoming performance, and sometimes the words just have to drive for a while.

FunkyPlaid and I did make it to the Tron for Doors Open Days, at least. You’re going to want to read his post about it because he is both more knowledgeable on the topic and more passionate. I just like peeking inside other people’s stuff: brains, buildings, whatever.

[caption id=“attachment_8290” align=“aligncenter” width=“470”]Day 304 of Project 365: Excavation Marlins Wynd, a 17th-century cobbled street underneath the Tron[/caption]

Writing involves digging up, too. Research is fun, of course, but then there are the bizarre and surprising portions of one’s psyche that get uncovered with all the frantic shovelling. Some of the research I am doing has to do with belief and the supernatural, and the Internet is, dare I say it, magic for this sort of thing.

  1. That mental map, which keeps getting clearer every time I leave the house. A good thing, too, because the Maps in iOS 6 suck. (Sorry, Chuck, but it's true.)
  2. The Drafts app, which caught a solid portion of my story I must have sleep-typed.
  3. My kick-ass trivia team. Second place this month!
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