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Day 300 of Project 365: I Ate a Croissant

My 300th photo is of the first croissant I’ve eaten in four years.

Genius, a wonderful local company, makes gluten-free croissants. I do not know what sorcery they use to make the croissants so good, and I do not care. I only care that I can eat croissants again because the croissant dreams have been increasing in frequency lately. These dreams involve me sitting in a sidewalk café in Paris, eating a croissant for what feels like hours. I can still taste the flaky crumbs on my lips when I wake up. That is how much I have missed croissants. So it was a little crazy here earlier when I warmed one up and tore into it.

Day 300 of Project 365: I Ate a Croissant

Look at that buttery beauty.

Three things I am grateful for today:

  1. Genius, for making the delicious gluten-free croissant I ate today.
  2. My willpower, for saving the other croissant for tomorrow.
  3. My lack of willpower, for also buying a pack of gluten-free pain au chocolat.

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