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Day 299 of Project 365: Shot

We are getting very good at Torgi’s insulin injections, although it is still a little surreal to be doing it. I remember hearing about diabetes for the first time when I was in grade school and a boy in my class was diabetic. He carried around a tube of cake-frosting in his backpack and I found that very exotic. Clearly I had no idea how not-exotic hypoglycaemia was.

Day 299 of Project 365: Shot

Torgi has his own tube of cake-frosting, except it’s called Glucogel (renamed from the more ominous-sounding Hypostop) and you wouldn’t want to frost a cake with it.

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Papers, which helped me organise a disheveled mass of ideas into a pretty okay essay for my information policy class. (Thanks, Hawk.)
  2. musicForProgramming();, the soundtrack for aforementioned essay-writing. (Thanks, Jaschu.)
  3. Long- and short-range moral support. (Thanks, Bradley and FunkyPlaid.)

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